3 Key Factors for Senior Management Success

When assessing management level candidates, the 3 questions that are needed to be answered are:

  1. Did the candidate exceed expectations?
  1. What lasting value did he build for the organization?
  1. Who did he develop?

In interviews, candidates often focus mainly on showing they met or exceeded their financial outcomes and Key Performance Indicators (item #1 above). While this is certainly very important, it is just as important to understand how they achieved their results. If business colleagues or client relationships were sacrificed to get the outcomes or their groups self-destructed after the manager left their organizations, then he may not be able or interested to create lasting value.

Fixing the Problem

Clearly, it is important to be able to recognize behaviour that will destroy otherwise talented people’s career. In many cases, it is possible and desirable to try to correct bad behaviour. This is especially so in fast-growth countries like those of Asia where the supply of qualified managers is constrained relative to demand. As well, Asian managers are often more open to following the guidance of more experienced managers.

The usual steps to take are as follows:


  1. Discuss the problem directly with the manager.
  2. Set aside regular time to mentor the person to change the bad behaviour.
  3. Reassign the person to a place where he can do less harm if resolution requires an extended commitment of time.

It is always easiest to solve the problem when it is first noticed rather than waiting until a monster is created that must then be slayed.

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