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Is it really only interviews and reference checks?

So far, there is little of substance to show for it. Each of these techniques, and many more, came into fashion for a while and then slowly disappeared. After all that has been tried, there remain only 2 methods that are confirmed and widely accepted to be worthwhile in predicting people’s performance in jobs.

They are:

  1. Interviews with Experienced Managers
  1. Reference Checking

Of these 2, reference checking is not much used as an actual predictor of behaviour but more as a verifier of information obtained from resumes and interviews. Background confirmation is mainly useful for deciding to eliminate someone from consideration or for discovering information that will help the new employer better work with the person.

That leaves the Interview with Experienced Managers as the preeminent technique for assessing and connecting with professional candidates. And for good reason, studies done over decades have shown conclusively that structured interviews conducted by experienced professionals have the greatest predictive ability for complex positions.


The only method shown conclusively to be highly predictive of candidates for leadership roles is interviews with experienced managers.

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