We offer candidates the chance to uniquely present their complete talent set, skills and abilities which will dramatically improve their chances in gaining an in-person interview.

In today’s ever changing world of technology employers are overwhelmed with traditional paper resumes for even the highest level positions, but you do have an option. You can either join the crowd and become another faceless name like the masses, or you can STAND OUT using cloudbench’s proprietary SnapView System proven to set you apart from your competition by adding a professional and personable look to your portfolio. We will help you find the right professional career opportunity by showing each potential employer how incredibly unique you truly are.

At cloudbench, our resources are the foundation of business and we pride ourselves on that. Our goal is to create a career partnership with the resources we represent and give them the best possible tools to succeed and be seen. We take the time to understand what companies our resources want to be a part of and make every effort to help get them there. Mutual respect, ethics and integrity are of the utmost importance to us.

Our goal is to create and build long-term relationships with successful proven performers. Our managers go above and beyond and we truly want to know about YOU. Our SnapView System will maximize your future business career relationships, and cater to your personal needs.

All our clients have migrated over and implemented video profile submissions as a must have requirement.

Please follow the simple instructions HERE and have your 45 second video profile sent to the hiring manager directly now!




Unique – Video resumes are very unique. Once a recruiter sees a video in his pile of resumes, his curiosity will definitely be piqued, and he will want to take a look at it. As you know, getting their attention is the first step. With a video resume, you’ve definitely achieved that objective.





Visible – Your personality, skills and talents are evident immediately. Video resumes either feature you, speaking confidently into the camera, or a compilation of all your previous works. Whatever your execution, your character and skills are evident right from the start.





Control – It’s like your initial interview, but with more control. Really, a video resume is just you answering all their typical interview questions. Of course, since it is a controlled environment, you can appear unruffled and confident, and you will come off as highly competent for the job.



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