A frightening outcome might be to expend months of valuable management time focusing on a single star candidate who is later found to be unsuitable for the position or turns down the opportunity. In order to have the highest probability of a superior result, it is important that multiple candidates be put through the same interview process simultaneously.

The purpose is to maximize the odds that suitable candidates are found who are also interested in joining the organization. For it to be successful, the system below needs to be transparent and sincere to candidates.

The Candidate Short-List Method

  1. Working with an executive search consultant or a strong internal recruiting team, it is necessary to source 4 to 6 candidates with appropriate skills and experience to do the role and who have expressed possible interest in the position.
  1. After reading detailed reports for each candidate created by the search consultant, the hiring team decides upon a short-list of 3 to 4 people for comprehensive individual appraisals.
  1. The members of the hiring team conduct separate interview assessments for each short-listed candidate to determine who will be most appropriate for their organization.
  1. Results of the individual appraisals are discussed and, ideally, 2 or 3 candidates are deemed suitable and ranked by degree of interest.
  1. A job offer is presented to the most favoured candidate. Other candidates are kept interested during salary negotiations until final agreement is made.
  1. Secondary candidates are informed of the outcome but sincere effort is made to keep in contact in case of later problems with the chosen candidate.

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