Previous Failed Candidates
Candidates who were assessed in the past by one manager but deemed unsuitable can usually be considered again by another manager or department in the same company. The exception is when the candidate fails the reference check, background confirmation or some other important indicator of past performance or integrity. The result can be a checkmark in the do-not-hire box beside the candidate’s name in the company’s HR system.

Applying for Unsuitable Positions
Submitting multiple CV’s for positions a candidate clearly does not qualify for is an obvious way for someone to be downgraded in the eyes of hiring managers. Senior executives are supposed to have superior judgement and especially an ability to put the right people into the right jobs. If they are too desperate or dim-witted to determine their own suitability, this is a serious black-mark indeed. If hiring managers see resumes turn up too often for dissimilar positions, they will understandably decline the candidate for current and future positions.

Overstating Qualifications
Candidates sometimes push the limit on exaggeration when trying to fit into a position. Most hiring managers become alarmed when a senior person twists a story to inflate his personal success in a project or seniority in a department. By trying too hard to take all the credit, candidates risk becoming designated for the do-not-hire list of the recruiting professional, whether they are otherwise qualified or not.

Stalker Candidates
Most executive recruiters and hiring managers do not have enough time to respond to all the email and telephone messages they receive every day. A supposedly senior manager, who pesters a hiring professional more than once per week on a regular basis, is showing a lack of experience at dealing with other senior professionals or his desperation for a job. This is another sure way to severely downgrade the assessment of a candidate in the opinion of a hiring manager.

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